What We Do

The Foundation raises funds from the community to help support the needs of the Dartmouth General Hospital (DGH). These funds support capital construction, the purchase of priority medical equipment, professional development opportunities and new technology for DGH. When you donate to our Foundation, your funds stay here in our community and have a direct impact on the lives of our patients. With your help, we have been able to fund life-changing projects where the sole benefit is enhancing patient care. 

Renovation of the 3rd and 4th Floors

To date, three of the four inpatient units have been renovated and are being well put to use by our patients and their families. This project is now in its last stage, renovating the final and fourth unit, which is scheduled to be completed by Fall 2017. The renovations include upgrades to patient rooms, improved infection control measures, and new team communication centres for staff to further collaborate on patient care.

This donation means our hospital patients will recover in more comfortable surroundings in our refurbished units that are brighter, cleaner and reflective of modern hospital standards. Further, our team of health professionals, who rely on each other’s perspectives and expertise, can now confer in our confidential team communications centres on a daily basis.

Overall, the renovations are contributing to a healing environment that has been designed and customized to the manner in which we deliver care at the Dartmouth General Hospital.

Small Equipment Items & Staff Support

The Foundation provides $100,000 annually for priority small equipment items such as blanket warmers, vital signs monitors and stretcher mattresses as well as other enhancements for clinical areas. The Foundation also provides professional development opportunities for staff to continuously learn and improve their skills.

The Dartmouth General, your community hospital, is here when you need care.

Please consider making a donation towards these priority needs and making a difference in life-changing moments.