Meet Dartmouth General

It's made up of people helping people, and has been a big part of this community for over forty years. It's tended to Mothers, Fathers, Sons, and Daughters. It's done it's part in helping the sick, and comforting those that needed it most. Dartmouth General isn't just a hospital, it's a haven for those looking to find the right help, in the right place, at the right time. That help is provided by some of the most gifted men and women this province has to offer, most of whom are living and working right her in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Today, if needed, it'll be there for you too.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.

Meet Miranda

Miranda has always been a fixer. From patching up childhood scrapes, to her time spent as a lifeguard, she's always kept watch over others. So, when nursing came calling, it didn't need to call all that loudly. Miranda's Mother was also a nurse; proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Even if it did....chances are, Miranda would be there to catch it.

Today, she's a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.

Meet Todd

Todd is a born adventurer. He's been just about everywhere - from the flatlands of Haiti to the volcanic mountains of Northern Rwanda. Regardless of the destination, Todd has brought his skill and desire to help people to nearly every corner of the globe. Fortunately, for us, these days, he shares that passion in our little corner of the world.

Today, he's a Site Chief.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.

Meet Lana

Born in Sydney, Nova Scotia. Lana was placed in foster care at an early age. It was there she learned the true meaning of community - the exquisite importance of coming together to create a better world for one another. These days she does everything she can to create that sense of community for every man, woman, and child she comes in contact with.

Today, she'll be your Social Worker.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.

Meet Alex

He grew up here, in Dartmouth. Raised by his mother. A nurse at the local hospital. He spent much of his childhood in waiting rooms, watching wide-eyed as his Mom, alongside her colleagues, tended to those that needed it most. While, growing up in a hospital may not have been your typical upbringing - what it instilled in him, was an irreplaceable drive to help others. A valuable lesson, handed down by a mother that taught him to love with every beat of his heart.

Today, he's the Chief of Surgery.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.

Meet Faye

As a child she loved getting lost in her imagination. But those days were short lived. Faye's mother collapsed when she was three. Diagnosed with epilepsy. As a result, her Mother spent much of Faye's childhood in and out of hospital. During her visits, the nurses took great care of Faye, always greeting her with a warm smile, and a shoulder to lean on. These days, she spends much of her time returning the favour.

Today, she'll be greeting you.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.

Meet Ravi

He grew up in Yarmouth. The son of two doctors - it's been said, that medicine doesn't just run in his family, it gallops. As a kid, the hospital was his home. Much of his memories surround plates of delicious food on small plastic trays, along with a seemingly endless supply of jello. Perhaps most importantly, Ravi recalls the spirit of comradery amongst the staff. A spirit he carries with him every day.

Today, he's the Chief of Emergency Medicine.
Welcome to Dartmouth General.