The Auxiliary

Please note: 

The Auxiliary’s Corner Shoppe is moving! With the construction of Dartmouth General’s new front entrance and lobby underway, our gift shoppe will be temporarily relocated on the first floor in the Back Half of the Cafeteria. As of March 26, 2018 the Corner Shoppe will be closed and reopen on April 9, 2018. Our hours have changed and we will now be open Monday – Friday between 9:30am and 5:00pm. Products offered will continue to remain the same – from food, to gifts, to clothing & accessories.

This transition will be met as seamlessly as possible with the help of Auxiliary volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact Corner Shoppe Manager, Donna Purcell at

See you in our new location!

Our Mission

The Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA), Dartmouth General Hospital Auxiliary (DGH Auxiliary), is a not for profit volunteer support service organization whose membership is dedicated to enriching the level of patient care, comfort and caring of patients and families at the Dartmouth General Hospital and within the Dartmouth General Hospital community. The DGH Auxiliary provides resources and financial support to the Dartmouth General Hospital not available through the government health care system.

Volunteers in Action

Dartmouth General Hospital Auxiliary members are dedicated individuals who care about our hospital and our community. They contribute their time and talents in a variety of ways and have been raising and contributing funds for the benefit of the Dartmouth General Hospital's patients and families since 1973. To date, the Auxiliary, through various fundraising events organized by its members, has contributed more than $1.8 million dollars to the Dartmouth General Hospital. This is their way of enriching their lives by volunteering their time to serve others in the community. Our Volunteers volunteer in a variety of quality programs and receive excellent training.

Why Volunteer?

DGH Auxiliary volunteers achieve personal growth by:

  • Helping others
  • Connecting with people
  • Learning transferable skills
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment
  • Enjoying social gatherings 

DGH Auxiliary volunteers are provided with:

  • Orientation and training
  • Staff support
  • References
  • An opportunity to give feedback
  • Parking
  • A smoke free and scent free environment 

Types of Volunteer Programs Offered:

Our efforts and programs are all designed to provide specific support and needed financial resources to enhance the patient and families positive experience at the DGH. These include:

Dartmouth General Hospital Auxiliary

Positions and Programs

  • DGH President/Vice President
  • DGH Auxiliary Memorial Bursary Committee
  • DGH Auxiliary Treasurer
  • DGH Auxiliary Memorial Bursary Committee
  • DGH Auxiliary Recording/Correspondence Secretary
  • DGH Auxiliary Photographer
  • DGH Auxiliary Membership Coordinator
  • DGH Raffles
  • DGH Auxiliary Publicity/Public Relations Coordinator
  • DGH Charitable Foundation Special Events Support
  • DGH Auxiliary Fundraising/Events Coordinator
  • DGH Auxiliary Telephone Committee
  • DGH Auxiliary Office Coordinator
  • DGH Auxiliary Various Committees

Dartmouth General Hospital Auxiliary

Corner Shoppe

Positions and Programs

  • “Corner Shoppe” Manager
  • “Corner Shoppe” Buyers/Candy
  • “Corner Shoppe” Bookkeeper
  • “Corner Shoppe” Cart
  • “Corner Shoppe” Scheduler
  • “Corner Shoppe” Volunteers
  • “Corner Shoppe” Buyers/Giftware

The Organization

The Auxiliary has approximately 135 members who volunteer and actively contribute to the Auxiliary’s many fundraising projects. The Auxiliary operates with a working board of executives who oversee its operation and many active volunteers who serve on several committees to accomplish the goals of the Auxiliary

DGH Auxiliary Volunteer Membership

Membership is open to everyone. The Auxiliary can benefit from your participation, your ideas and support. Whatever your talent may be - crafts, organization, innovative thinking, business acumen, enthusiasm, or just a willingness to help others - we need you! Whether exploring a new career, giving back to the community, volunteers play an important role in the quality of care provided at the Dartmouth General Hospital.

If you wish to volunteer in areas of the Dartmouth General Hospital other than the “Corner Shoppe” and other areas (not) related to the DGH Auxiliary Corner Shoppe, please see the Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) Volunteer website at: . These areas include but are not limited to volunteer roles in the DGH Emergency Department and Front Lobby Information Desks, the Junior Volunteer Program, the Night Lunches Program, the Visiting Volunteer Program and the Library

DGH Auxiliary's Past Accomplishments:

Since 1977, all monies raised have been donated to the Dartmouth General Hospital to purchase items which would not ordinarily be available through their annual the budget, primarily for hospital expansion and the purchase of medical equipment. To date, we can proudly say our Auxiliary has contributed over $1.8 million dollars in pledges to the DGH Hospital Charitable Foundation.

In the 2011/2013 period, we completed our financial obligation of ($125,000.00) to fund an “Eco Cardiogram Machine” for the DGH. We recently completed our financial obligation to the Foundation ($46,000.00) to fund a series of movable security walls purchased for the DGH Emergency Department which provide greater security, privacy and cleanliness for the patients on site. Also, we have recently completed our previously pledged financial obligation of $125,000.00 to the Foundation to fund a Sim Man “High Fidelity Simulation and Medical Training Robot” for the training of  the DGH medical, nursing and support staff. And, finally, the DGH Auxiliary is currently fundraising for our current pledge, to begin in February 2018, of $40,000.00 per year for a 5 year period (total pledge of $200,000.00) for the DGH Charitable Foundation’s Redevelopment Capital Campaign.

The President of the DGH Auxiliary continues to sit as a voting member on the board of the Dartmouth General Hospital Charitable Foundation.

The Dartmouth General Hospital Auxiliary's impressive physical presence as part of the DGH team, and the many volunteer hours they contributed to Hospital, is equally matched by their very significant financial contributions to the Hospital. Our members are extremely proud of our Auxiliary’s achievements over the years. Their personal commitment to volunteering in our community has made this all of this possible.

For further information contact the DGH Auxiliary Office at (902) 465-8534 or view & print our Auxiliary brochure by clicking here.