Three years ago, my dear friend Deanne died far too young due to the late diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Since Deanne’s death, it has become all too clear the state of women’s pelvic health diagnosis and treatment has been in desperate condition in Nova Scotia.

I’m delighted to let you know, however, there is help on the horizon. A visionary team at the Dartmouth General Hospital is now developing a state-of-the-art, dedicated space for gynecology and urology procedures.

I’ve taken on the challenge to raise $500,000 to honour Deanne’s memory, renovate an existing area and open the Deanne Reeve Pelvic Health Suite at Dartmouth General Hospital.

The Deanne Reeve Pelvic Health Suite, located within the DGH’s Outpatient Centre, will be the new home to cystoscopy and advanced hysteroscopy procedures.  A cystoscopy is a procedure for both men and women to look into the bladder and diagnose, and often treat, bladder cancer, stones, leakage, and infections.  Hysteroscopy involves examining the inside of the uterus to diagnose, and in many cases treat, postmenopausal bleeding, heavy bleeding, bleeding between periods, fertility concerns, and IUD complications. This state-of-the-art space will allow these procedures to be performed in an outpatient clinic setting instead of in an operating room or colonoscopy suite. In most cases, the patient will watch the procedure on a video screen, be offered immediate biopsy for diagnosis or treatment, if appropriate, and walk out of the suite without the need for prolonged post-op recuperation or monitoring.  Movement of these procedures out of the main operating room and colonoscopy suites will reduce wait times for major surgical procedures requiring the main OR and for colonoscopy screening and treatment.  This comfortable and modern dedicated space will also significantly reduce wait times for cystoscopy and hysteroscopy procedures with improved patient experience.  This space is already being used to provide weekly bladder cancer treatment closer to home for Dartmouth residents who used to have to travel to Halifax and there are plans to offer other services such as pelvic floor physiotherapy.

Bladder cancer treatment is currently exclusively being done in Halifax and takes up a great deal of outpatient space. The  new Deanne Reeve Pelvic Health Suite at DGH will provide the space and and treatment for Dartmouth patients , again minimizing wait times for all.

So, I’m asking for your help.

Already, donors are stepping up, including the J & W Murphy Foundation which has committed the funding for highly specialized equipment.

Your tax-deductible contribution will go directly to the completion of the new Deanne Reeve Pelvic Health Suite at DGH. Once the space is completed, new technology and enhancements will be deployed. This is truly a game changer for access to treatment and reduction of wait times.

It will save lives.

The Dartmouth General is now a leader in healthcare innovation, engaging innovative technology to provide the best possible patient care.

I’m hoping you will be a part of this exciting project. We are looking for personal, estate, and corporate contributions at all levels. Donations will be recognized accordingly.

Thank you,

Sheri Morgan