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2024 marks the 16th anniversary of GUT, which has raised over $900,000 to support the fight against colorectal cancer. Teams chose to Get Up There at Ski Wentworth on March 1st to raise funds and awareness to support colorectal cancer screening and prevention.

Funds raised through GUT 2023 and 2024 for the DGH Foundation will help to support a public awareness and education campaign designed to encourage all Nova Scotians who receive a FIT test in the mail to complete and return it.

This is essential to help narrow down and target individuals who should be screened, with some urgency, for colorectal cancer. Increasing the number of Nova Scotians who complete their FIT test will also help provide a more accurate picture of the incidence of colorectal cancers in Nova Scotia – essential data used for planning and scheduling of future healthcare resources. According to current statistics, FIT tests could help raise a warning flag for an additional 700 colorectal cancers that may go undetected each year – almost three times as many as are currently picked up. We can help save lives simply by educating and encouraging people to complete and submit their FIT tests.


Founded in 2008 by Mark Gascoigne, who lost his father to colorectal cancer, Get Up There (GUT) raises funds and awareness to support colorectal cancer screening and prevention.

Through GUT, Mark’s tireless lobbying, fundraising efforts and determination were instrumental in bringing the fecal immunochemical stool test (FIT) to Nova Scotia in 2009. This critically important test is mailed out to Nova Scotia residents on or around their 50th birthday. The test is 100% painless and can easily be completed at one’s home. In the first four years of the program, 2,500 Nova Scotians were identified as having pre-cancerous or malignant polyps.

Currently, only 34% of people who receive the test in the mail complete and return it. There is still much work to be done to save lives through screening and early detection of colorectal cancers. This is GUT’s mission and singular focus.

Our goal is to double the number of FIT tests completed each year by 2025. With your help, we can do this.

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