Gary A. Ramey Music Studio

Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation President & CEO Stephen Harding, and Foundation staff, were pleased to welcome the Ramey family to the Dartmouth General on October 15, 2020.

The Ramey family, pictured here with musician Reeny Smith and DGHF President & CEO Stephen Harding

The Ramey family gifted a lovely piano, purchased from Doctor Piano, to be placed in the atrium of the Dartmouth General Hospital, creating the Gary A. Ramey Music Studio. The piano and the Gary A. Ramey Music Studio are to honour the memory of the late Gary. A Ramey

Local musician Reeny Smith was kind enough to play two songs for the Ramey’s, including her single “Survive”, for the family.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to be the first person to play this beautiful, monster of a machine,” said Reeny. “I will say, it’s one of the best feeling pianos I’ve ever played before.”

The piano will remain the Hospital’s atrium, in honour of Gary A. Ramey and his love of music.