We’re launching our Hip to Hear Project (get the connection?)!

Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation’s new President and CEO, Stephen Harding, is on a mission to hear from you during his first 100 days in his new role. Steve is in the midst of holding meetings with those closest to us - our Foundation’s donors, volunteers, board of directors, Above and Beyond campaign team and other difference makers in our healthcare system. Your input will help our Foundation understand what issues are most important, like reducing wait times for hip and knee replacement surgeries, and will inform our new three year business plan. Stay tuned for more and follow the hashtag #hip2hear on our social media accounts!  

If you are interested in sharing your thoughts and advice, we want to listen. To set up a meeting with Steve and become a part of our Hip to Hear Project, please contact Hanna Miller at 902-460-6777 or email hanna.miller@dghfoundation.ca.