For Immediate Release

March 29, 2019

Scotiabank Donates $150,000 Towards Leading Edge Technology for New Operating Room at Dartmouth General Hospital


DARTMOUTH, NS (March 20, 2019) – In the Dartmouth General Hospital’s new lobby today, the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation announced a generous pledge of $150,000 from Scotiabank towards the $13M Above and Beyond Capital Campaign.

“We’d like to thank Scotiabank for their outstanding gift,” says Stephen Harding, President and CEO of the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation. “Scotiabank has supported the Dartmouth General for more than 40 years and their gift to our campaign will help fund the most state-of-the-art technology to improve healthcare services delivery to all of Halifax.”

Scotiabank expressed particular pride in what their gift will mean for patients and for employees. Their pledge will help fund the latest tools and technology that will improve patient safety and enhance quality of care when it comes to diagnosis and treatment.

“We are excited to make this gift to the Above and Beyond Campaign and know the tremendous impact it will have on patients and hospital staff,” notes Jim Rogers, Halifax District Vice President of Scotiabank. “Scotiabank prides ourselves on our digital and innovative practices and we are proud to give back to the Dartmouth General Hospital in this way.”

Scotiabank’s generous gift will be recognized by dedicating one of the new Multi-Purpose Operating Theatres in support of advanced operating room technology. The eight new operating theatres in the hospital’s new Surgical Centre and Endoscopy Clinic will be designed with advanced technologies for better clinical outcomes.

The addition of these new technologies will mean an overall more productive process, from admittance to treatment. The advanced equipment will allow Dartmouth General Hospital healthcare professionals to improve the way our patients receive care, more quickly and efficiently, which will help with patient throughput. This in turn will help with major concerns, such as wait time for orthopedic and endoscopic procedures. It will help with inpatient capacity as well, with leading edge technology reducing risks and complication rates meaning shorter stays. It will also allow for more outpatient procedures, specifically procedures like colonoscopies.

“The new technology at the Dartmouth General will play a huge role in healthcare and innovation, and change the patient experience for the better,” says Krista Sullivan, Senior Manager of Regional Marketing for Scotiabank. “We are excited to be able to provide Dartmouth General with the technology necessary to excel their services even further.”

Thank you Scotiabank, your gift will impact the lives of many.

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