To address some of the greatest wait times in the country, Dartmouth General Hospital has expanded its role in orthopedics by creating the Fred Smithers Centre for Orthopedic Care. This was made possible by an amazing gift from Fred Smithers O.C., the Above and Beyond Campaign Honourary Chair and longtime supporter of the Dartmouth General Hospital.

Creating a Centre for Orthopedic Care will help reduce wait times for hip and knee surgeries by increasing surgical capacity through the dedication of two operating rooms, specifically for orthopedic surgery, and having the vast majority of scheduled primary joint surgeries for patients in the HRM to take place at the Dartmouth General.

The two new orthopedic operating rooms will be optimized for orthopedic surgeries. They will be more spacious, bright and modern  and will provide better comfort and privacy for patients. The size of the new operating rooms also contributes to increased patient safety – the closer distance between equipment and service means the more sterile the care is. They will also have state-of-the-art equipment and technology such as, ceiling booms, flat panel monitors and new specialty lighting. Ceiling booms will create a multimedia hub in the heart of the procedure  room and hold all equipment, utilities and medical gases off the floor which otherwise might be cluttered with carts and cables. This will mean all equipment connections are in one central location allowing easy access for surgeons performing procedures, as well increased workplace safety and infection control. New flat panel monitors will also be attached to the booms, and will allow surgeons to position equipment at the distance  and angle for the most comfortable and advantageous position to perform surgeries. The specialty lighting, which will be green filtered light and dimmable, will improve the ability of physicians to view vascular structures and tissues. The addition of this lighting will also create better contrast with the monitors, instead of the traditional bright light that may reflect poorly.

The Fred Smithers Centre for Orthopedic Care will increase the flow of healthcare professionals between sites and overall a better integration of surgical services being offered. Additionally, having a dedicated orthopedic area makes our  services as a whole more viable and offers a better standard of care. The addition of these new technologies will mean a more productive process, from admittance to treatment. The equipment will allow our health-care team to improve the way our patients receive care, more quickly and efficiently, to provide a better patient experience.

Thank you Fred Smithers for your commitment to the Dartmouth General and the community, and for being part of a solution to change the way orthopedic care is delivered in our province.




The Fred Smithers Cold Therapy Lending Program is the result of a generous gift by Fred Smithers to Dartmouth General Hospital, through it’s Foundation.

This program is another great addition to the Fred Smithers Centre for Orthopedic Care at the Dartmouth General, and especially important to Fred personally.

Following his own recent orthopedic surgery, Fred  benefitted from Cold Therapy and wants to ensure that others can have access to that same level of care – regardless of what their insurance covers.


Meet Fred Smithers

Fred has been a longtime supporter of the Dartmouth General Hospital, even pouring the concrete to help build it more than 40 years ago. He has close ties to the Foundation, as a past board member and currently the Honorary Chair for the Above and Beyond Campaign. Fred has also experienced the hospital personally as a former orthopedic patient. To learn more about Fred, click here.

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