Bringing an MRI to DGH

DGHF is pleased to launch our new MRI Campaign!

We are keeping the energy we gained from the Above and Beyond Campaign as we begin our next efforts for patients in HRM and beyond!

For a long time donors to DGHF have asked how they can help bring a new MRI unit to Dartmouth General Hospital, knowing that it will have an incredibly positive impact on patients and staff. We are excited to share that the Province of Nova Scotia has recently selected Dartmouth General as the site of one of Nova Scotia’s next MRIs! This new MRI will help reduce wait times, and advance the incredible work being done at the Fred Smithers Centre for Orthopedic Care.

The Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation and our community are currently fundraising for the cost of the MRI unit. This contribution will be matched by the Provinces $3.9 million donation, covering the cost of construction and operation. Click here to read the Province of Nova Scotia’s announcement.

This is another great example of the Government of Nova Scotia partnering with hospital foundations like ours to help change the lives of patients in HRM and beyond.


The new MRI will be housed in the newly renovated Diagnostic Imaging Unit at Dartmouth General Hospital Click here for a Virtual Tour