December 13, 2021

RBC and Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation partner to support Dalhousie University’s PLANS program to attract the next generation of African Nova Scotian healthcare professionals.

Halifax, NS: Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce a $60,000 RBC Future Launch donation in support of the PLANS Co-op Program – Promoting Leadership in Health for African Nova Scotians at Dalhousie University. The exciting announcement took place on December 2 at Dalhousie University.

Joined by high school students currently enrolled in the program, PLANS is designed to address the under-representation of African Nova Scotians in medicine and other health care professions. The initiative is informed by the experiences of Dalhousie University’s PLANS summer camp and mentorship program and will educate African Nova Scotian/Canadian youth from the Dartmouth/Halifax area about opportunities in the health professions. The Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation is proud to be a part of connecting students with mentors in their desired field, including Dartmouth General Hospital’s own Dr. Chadwick Williams.

A video debuted at the event and photos are available below.


“Today we celebrate the success of the PLANS co-op and the ongoing support for this program through the generous support of RBC. RBC has been so involved with this process and their donation is making real change in the lives of these students. Working with Dalhousie’s Global Health Office has been wonderful, they are essential in helping students prepare for post-secondary education and Sarah Upshaw and her team really care about each and every student that goes through the PLANS program.” – Stephen Harding, DGHF President and CEO

“PLANS creates opportunities for African Nova Scotian youth to explore various health professions, engage in hands on activities, connect with mentors, and create a network of support for these students. I am so happy to be involved in this program as a mentor and I am pleased and encouraged that these supports are being put in place for students. The Dartmouth General Hospital is striving to become a more diverse workforce, so that we can accurately reflect the communities we serve. Programs like PLANS are one way we are working to implement this change” – Dr. Chadwick Williams

“We are proud to partner with DGHF and PLANS through RBC Future Launch, to provide access to African Nova Scotian students who want to explore careers in healthcare. Not only do students benefit from mentorship with healthcare leaders, but they also experience real-life, hands-on learning in various health professions. This is why we believe PLANS is an important step in opening the door to future African Nova Scotian healthcare professionals.”  – Vinita Savani, Regional President, RBC Atlantic Canada

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PLANS students, including PLANS alumni and event speaker Mwamini Bifakubaho (right)
Thomas McCutheon, Sydney Mogae, Kim Duncan, Sharon Davis Murdoch, Kathy Greeno, Stephen Harding, Ishraq Hassan, Cecilia Moore, Sarah Upshaw
RBC staff Ishraq Hassan, Cecilia Moore, , Shakir Hector and David Divine with PLANS students Sitayla Bruce, Michaela Carter-Kaiser, Moyalee Walker