Meet Holly Bond

Patient Story

The Dartmouth General has been there for Holly through it all – from her daughter falling off playground equipment to experiencing the death of a loved one. For her, the hospital is an integral part of her life.

In 2000, Dartmouth General Hospital saved her life. Holly came to the hospital and was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism. The Dartmouth General Emergency Care Team took care of her right away. Now she continues to enjoy life and knows that our team is there for her when she needs it again.

“What stood out most to me about my care at Dartmouth General was the empathy. The staff and physicians put themselves in my shoes and saw me more as a person, than as just another case. It’s the little things and extra touches they did that made the biggest impact – the conversations they had when taking my blood pressure, hearing them laugh and joking around with each other, receiving a warm blanket without asking and just doing things that family would do. You get a good sense of the personalized culture right away, and from that I can say I wouldn’t want my life in the hands of anyone else.”

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