MeetMildred Williams

Patient Story

Mildred Williams has her fair share of experience with the Dartmouth General Hospital having had procedures on both hips. Her daughter Joyce Nifort jokes that “she liked the service so much that she went back for more!”

Mildred points out that she “was treated so perfectly, anything I needed [the staff] was right there for me.”

Described by her daughter as a “tough cookie”, Mildred joked with her nurses after her hip replacement that she wasn’t going to be an inpatient for too long.

“I told them I was going home tomorrow, I was determined I was going to be out.” She thinks the nurses thought she was joking, but the next day she passed her required tests and examinations and was on her way home – less than 24 hours after her procedure.

One thing Mildred wanted to make sure her nurses knew was how much she appreciated their kind and thorough service. She showed them her appreciation through a delicious fruit basket she had delivered to them.

“I know they may not always feel the appreciation, so I wanted to share mine. They were right there anytime I needed anything. They were just really, really good.”

Mildred and Joyce also have some words of comfort for anyone who may have to have their own procedures done at the Dartmouth General Hospital in the future.

“I would tell [future patients] that there will be nothing to worry about. The staff are well trained, and they will be well taken care of. I could find no fault whatsoever in how I was treated” says Mildred.

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