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Featured Donor Story

In 2018, the O’Regan Family and O’Regan’s Automotive Group made one of the largest donations in the Foundation’s history, a $2 million pledge to the Above and Beyond Campaign. The family chose to create an enduring legacy for Neville J. Gilfoy, a business leader who went above and beyond for his community every day. Their gift honoured his lifetime of outstanding contribution to Dartmouth, the province and beyond. The tribute to Neville Gilfoy was recognized with the naming of the new three-story addition to the Dartmouth General, called the Neville J. Gilfoy Wing.

The O’Regan’s have a longstanding relationship with the hospital and the Foundation, and have been supporters for more than 40 years. Patrick O’Regan also helped lead our Emergency Department Campaign in 2002 because of Neville Gilfoy’s recruitment. It was only fitting that the family took on the role as hospital champions.

“The Dartmouth General Hospital is our community hospital and we are delighted to see that such a major investment is being made by the province and the community to ensure its ability to continue to be an even better hospital for the next generation,” says Sean O’Regan.

The Foundation thanks the O’Regan Family and O’Regan’s Automotive Group for their outstanding gift. We are proud to help ensure that Neville’s legacy endures and will be known by many for years to come through the delivery of exceptional care.

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