Ultramar and Assante Hydrostone donations connect patients to Wi-Fi at Dartmouth General

A generous gift of $6,000 from both Ultramar and Assante Hydrostone will enable in-patients receiving care on Dartmouth General Hospital’s 3rd and 4th Floors to access Wi-Fi for the first time.

The donation, announced today by Ultramar, Assante Hydrostone, and the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation, is part of the COVID-19 Response Fund established by the Foundation to support the hospital’s most critical needs.

“We’d like to thank both Ultramar and Assante Hydrostone for stepping up to serve our community in this time of crisis,” says Stephen Harding, President and CEO of the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation. “Their generosity will allow patients on our 3rd and 4th Floors to keep in touch with their loved ones digitally, during this time of visitor restrictions due to COVID-19 protective measures.”

“Assante Hydrostone is pleased to support patients and staff with opportunities for better communication with their families through access to Wi-Fi on the fourth floor. People need to be connected to their loved ones,” says Glenn Stewardson, Financial Planner and Partner at Assante.  “The Dartmouth General Hospital is important to our staff and our clients’ care needs. When we give support, it makes our whole community a better place to live.”

Ultramar is also encouraging its local commercial fuels and home heating employees to support their local community through the Parkland Pledge giving initiative. This charitable-giving initiative empowers Parkland Fuel Corporation employees to direct Parkland’s charitable -giving back to community causes. All donation requests made by employees in support of patient Wi-Fi on Dartmouth General’s 5th Floor, where COVID-19 patients will be receiving care, will be contributed by Parkland Fuel Corporation.

“We’re pleased to support the critical need for communication between patients and their loved ones, at a time when many of us are feeling increasingly isolated,” says Tom Spink, General Manager, Atlantic, at Parkland Fuel Corporation.  “We are deeply rooted in the communities where we live, work and play, and the Dartmouth General Hospital is especially close to our hearts, with many of our family members working on the frontlines to keep us safe and healthy.”

As the Dartmouth General Hospital faces this global pandemic, the Foundation continues to raise funds through the COVID-19 Response Fund, with a focus on four priority areas: support of medical teams and patients, tools and technology for communication, community health research and innovative solutions. Thanks to donations from businesses like Ultramar and Assante Hydrostone, the hospital will continue to ensure the health and wellbeing of patients and staff.