Local Medical Innovators Partner with Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation In Innovation Incubator

Medical Device Innovators Spring Loaded Technology, Ring Rescue, and Enginuity Inc. along with NSHA Research & Innovation and DGHF Collaborate to Drive Innovation

“The Dartmouth General Hospital is known for its innovative culture that is represented by staff and physicians who are invested in each other and in our patients. They hold a high accountability in delivering the highest standards of care, which is what this collaboration is making possible,” says Stephen Harding, President & CEO at the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation. “We are so excited to work alongside these industry innovators at this critical time for society. Our response to COVID-19 will be a defining moment for our generation and will require out-of-the-box thinking to support our healthcare system.”

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia: The Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation today, is proud to announce a new partnership with local life science industry innovators, Spring Loaded TechnologyRing Rescue Inc., and Enginuity Inc., as well as the Nova Scotia Health Authority Health Innovation & Discovery Hub. They have come together to collaboratively design innovative solutions to assist with barriers and limitations that are occurring due to the emerging needs related to COVID-19. This partnership has brought several innovations forward that will help the Foundation ensure the health and well-being of staff, patients, and families are being taken care of. 

“NSHA Research & Innovation realizes that through the power of our partnerships, we have the ability to problem solve in a different way. The NSHA Health Innovation & Discovery Hub provides a supportive, agile, adaptable, enabling and creative space (virtual/physical) where researchers, multidisciplinary clinical teams, partners and investors come together to develop, discover and commercialize new knowledge, technology, products, systems and solutions that improve health and healthcare,” says Dr. Gail Tomblin Murphy, Vice President, Research, Innovation & Discovery and CNE, Nova Scotia Health Authority. “Together, we have the ingenuity, talent, and resources to address COVID-19 and deliver innovative health solutions that will improve the health of Nova Scotians, and transform healthcare.”

“Our industry teams are proven, life-science sector innovators and we felt compelled to come together to assist our local communities in this way,” says Kevin Spencer, President of Ring Rescue Inc., also an Emergency Department Physician at the Dartmouth General Hospital. “We have a close relationship with the DGH Foundation, and together we are a very capable and passionate team, determined to be a part of the solution. Staying true with our mantra of “getting things done”, we are ready to begin introducing several locally-produced healthcare solutions for the COVID-19 fight.”

“The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted traditional supply chains and created a need for the local production of traditional PPE, as well as the rapid development of new devices that can help expand the capacity of our health care system. We have therefore refocused our design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities to help meet these urgent needs,” says Chris Cowper-Smith, President & CEO at Spring Loaded Technology, “Our staff and partners have worked relentlessly on a range of potential solutions, and we are committed to providing them non-for-profit within Atlantic Canada in an effort to help combat the disease. Any surplus margin gained from COVID-19 related sales will be used to manufacture additional PPE, in order to establish an Atlantic Canadian stockpile for our future protection.”

“Enginuity is pivoting its multi-disciplinary team to respond to COVID-19 challenges in our region. We are proud to work with our excellent Atlantic Canadian supply chain and these capable organizations in order to bring rapid, practical solutions to our community, the DGHF and NSHA,” says Ben Garvey, CEO at Enginuity Inc. 

Several ideas and projects that are in the works include:

  • Intubation and Patient Transport Hood – This will provide a barrier with negative pressure, for infection control, which may be useful for airway, oropharynx and nasopharynx procedures, transport of patients, and to assist palliative care management. 
  • Scotia Face Shields – Based on the Bauer face shield design, the Spring Loaded facility has begun the production of 1000 face shields for the DGHF. Due to growing needs across the country, daily production could rapidly scale to the 10’s of thousands to establish the capability to supply these, if needed, to every healthcare professional in the Atlantic Provinces
Dr. Todd Howlett holds a Scotia Face Shield
  • Cleanable P100 Respirator Filter Cover – Elastomeric respirators with cartridge-style filters are a viable form of protection, particularly in response to potential global N95 shortages. We have proposed a cleanable plastic housing that could enable these types of filters to be cleaned while remaining attached to the mask frame. This cover could ultimately reduce filter consumption.
  • Halifax Gown – An improved, locally-designed protective gown with integrated hood and face shield; plus separate hood-only version available.

Note: Other than the “Scotia Face Shields”, these innovations are not available for commercial use at this time. Their sole purpose is for preparing a robust COVID-19 emergency response readiness. For further information regarding these products, please reach out to the Dartmouth General Hospital Foundation or directly to the companies listed above.